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Fast forward!?!

Can’t fast forward replays? I don’t have 4 hours to spare come on.

Tour Tracker

Great app filled with first rate content. Video coverage has been flawless, map most helpful and the profile has been great to follow the action. Wonderful job guys, from one cyclist who follows the TOU every year.

Very good


Simply awesome

If you’re a cyclist fan then this app is for you, Tour of Utah is challenging and fun to watch, great mountain stages and the guys calling the race really know their stuff, best part, it’s free, how can you beat that, you get live video feed, rider stats and all the info you need to know to keep yourself well informed....


I follow all the races and the commentator for tour tracker is the most outstanding.

Great app,

This app has everything for keeping up to date with the tour.

Great app for a great tour!

I wish all bike races had an app like this!

Race review

I love it... all the information I need.... right where I need it

Love it!

I could listen and watch the race while working, so cool, wish other races were this easy to watch. Gary

Frame covers outside of pic covering race data

First thanks for the TOU, and for this app. However when tossed to Apple TV from my phone there is a top dark cover and also on the bottom. In the center there is the large symbol for the Apple TV transfer They cover data. This is the first time I have seen this here. It is likely a program error when upgrading to the newer iOS.

Love this app

I really love this app. It’s running while I’m watching. Allows me to see the course profile as the race is in progress.

Wow...just incredible

Can’t believe the great quality of this app for the Tour of Utah. It shows stage maps, info on riders, just awesome. Thank you so much


I can’t get the Apple TV icon to go away when I mirror this from my iPhone to my tv via Apple TV. That icon is right in the middle of the screen. Any suggestions ????


Tour Tracker just keeps getting better and better! I really appreciate the energy and effort that is put into covering the Tour of Utah!

Video feed not working

While this is a great app with lots of functionality the live video is not working for me. When i click the start button the video plays for 1-2 seconds then goes to black. Interestingly i can watch the full replay of Monday's stage with no issues. Is there a fix or something I'm doing wrong?

Video problems

This is a great way to watch the tour, was frustrated that during the last 20 mins of stage one the live video wasn't working. Otherwise this thing is super cool.

Essential App to Follow 2017 Tour of Utah

Thank you Adobe! This app allows one to watch the race live or via replay. And it even includes the feature of creating your own fantasy team.

Best Sports App

TOU has the bells & whistles missing from some of my other sports apps which may not be major attributes but which are very important to me: 30 sec Rewind and Fast Forward buttons in addition to a Volume slider bar embedded in the viewing window. The only improvement I would love to see is a hybrid map. I would like to see the route in satellite mode but with the streets and geographical names superimposed on it. Love the Rider section especially Favorite Rider window. Love having video replays which allow me to have a life while still being able to follow my favorite sport.

Best coverage

Best coverage of teh Tour of Utah. Hadn't seen anything like this before, it gave me everything I needed and wanted and some.A must have for anyone following the Tour of Utah.


I had to download this app just to see if I would be able to get home or not. It's not on the website where the they are. It doesn't even show it in the app either. I wouldn't recommend downloading this.

Great coverage

Off to a great start, thank you!

Awesome App

This app is better than I was expecting. They have all the little details set up to make it easy on following the tour. Love this app and I am stoked on using it to stay in touch with the yellow jersey!

Tour Tracker app

Great app, works like a champ, very easy to use with lots of great options.

No video

App is great, but no streaming video (or it just doesn't work) Even worse, the existence of this app precludes the ability to stream online.

Worst year for this app.

Continually crashes. Have to reboot every minute. Makes watching the tour very frustrating.

Great app

I can only check the app occasionally at work and I love it. I just check who is in the break, where the riders are on the profile map and look through the text part. I don't watch the videos, but it does everything I like in a tour tracker app.

One major flaw for me

No air play. Fix that and it's a 5-star app.


Yeah, could not watch more than 10 seconds of anything before it would freeze. This is pretty worthless

Poor app or ??

The technical production of the event is horrible. Constant image lockup and audio problems. Also, the broadcast keeps re-starting for some unknown reason. Bizarre and epic failure year-after-year. Hope isn't being kept alive for the TOU broadcast.

Commercials, commercials, commercials

If you like cheap, locally produced commercials, this is the app for you. About a 2 to 1 ratio, ads to race coverage, I deleted the app from my iPad. I had hoped to see the race.

Awesome Coverage

I've watched the entire tour using this app it was great up-to-date coverage just awesome!!!!! Great work to all who were involved!

Excellent app & coverage

iPhone, iPad & computer versions are great!

Very very good

Great app! The live video is excellent and app is easy to use. I agree with another reviewer.....desperately wish other races would provide such a good, high quality app!!

Live coverage!

Woo! Ya!

Love it!

Keeps getting better every year! Both the Tour and the app! :-)

I wish there were apps like this for all cycling events!

I wish there were apps like this for all cycling events! It's absolutely fantastic. Has everything you could ask for and more.

Easy to use!!

Excellent. I can take the race wherever I go and easy to put on big screen when at home. Thank you!!

Watch the tour in high quality video

Both the iPad and iPhone versions are excellent.t. I can watch the tour live along with real-time stats and race status. I can also replay all previous stages at my convenience. The video is high quality and plays smoothly.


Live video coverage of the little old Tour of Utah, as if it were the TdF? Good job, all who came together to make this happen. This is how you get Utah racing on the National/global map.

Outstanding app for an outstanding race

Thanks Larry H. Miller for sponsoring the race and thanks Adobe for sponsoring the app to follow the race. This is a big step up from when you could only follow the race from a Twitter feed. Let's go racing!

Don't miss this app!

Any "issues" noted in the early reviews aren't due to the app- they're due to the video feed from the airplane which is out of the app developer's control. This is a KILLER app with great functionality. How cool is it to watch this race from start to finish from the palm of you hand? DON'T MISS IT!

Great App, Network problems

The app does a good job giving you info similar to the more complete looking desktop or laptop app. Any drop-outs people have had are due to the Internet feed from camera to plane to control room. This was not explained very well during the race. In many cases, excluding the day the plane could not fly, the problem was caused by the contracted provider of the link. It was explained to me as a problem with the local Internet feed. Everything had to go through that feed, narration, phones, video, GPS locations... the works. The problem is not with the app, but with the network. Hopefully, it will not happen next year.


I'm running iOS 6 on an iPhone 4S and the app worked very well for me. It also worked well on my iPad 4 with iOS 6. I was happy with the amount of info provided and the live tracking and video.

Horrible experience

Streaming keeps dying and twice I've missed the end of the stage because I had to restart and listen to commercials before it would start the stream again. Hopefully Tour of Utah will ditch Adobe next year and hire a firm who knows what they are doing to create their iPhone app. Great race, lousy mobile experience.

Great app

Live ToU coverage and stats. What else could a cycling fan ask for? I haven't had any video problems, excepting for those coming from Utah and recognized by the announcers.

Tour of UT

Love it! Great way to stay in touch with the race!

The only good news....

....Is that I didn't pay for this app. Live video is poor. The only thing worse are guys who are doing the "live" tour coverage.

This app stinks!

Could not get today's stage on Fox Sports due to a Braves game. Downloaded the app to watch it, but it keeps quitting on me. How disappointing!!

Tour of Utah Tour Tracker

Great way to follow a great race. The app provides live race coverage when it is available nowhere else. Everything works well.

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